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Hollow Cathode Lamps
High Quality Lamps for all Instrument Brands
Heraeus hollow cathode lamps are primarily used in instruments for atomic absorption spectroscopy (AAS).
Heraeus hollow cathode lamps are designed for optimal performance and characterised by good chemical sensitivity and spectral response, combined with stable light output and low noise.
Heraeus hollow cathode lamps are available both for OEMs and as a replacement lamp by discerning users the world over. The range includes standard lamps
and data-coded versions for PerkinElmer and ThermoFisher atomic absorption spectrometers.
Lamps for use with Smith-Hieftje background correction can also be offered.
Hollow cathode lamps consist of a cathode made from the element of interest, an anode and an inert filler gas contained in a glass envelope. In addition various mica discs, ceramic sheaths and glass shields assist in alignment and insulation.

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