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Heraeus Hollow Cathode Lamp range includes:
70 single-element lamps
More than 120 multi-element lamps with up to seven
combined elements
1.5" (37 mm) and 2" (50 mm) diameters
Low-Current and High-Current versions for optimum
performance in all OEM systems
Standard and coded lamps
Available for OEMs and end users
High stability, low noise and long service life due to
advanced cathode technology Special power supply available
Applications of Hollow Cathode Lamps:
Hollow cathode lamps are gas discharge devices in which the discharge is highly constrained within the cathode of a specific metal. The resultant output is a unique line spec- trum, the most intense of which are suitable for highly specific and sensitive metals analysis. Further derivatives of the fundamental technology extend the applications to include:
Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy (AAS)
Atomic Fluorescence Spectroscopy
Multi wavelength laser tuning
Laser output stabilisation (optogalvanic effect) Multi component analysers
Environmental analysers Medical analysers

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