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It´s not only the crust that counts
Yeast allows dough to rise and become aerated – if the baker has done everything right. However, if yeast grows well, mildew also thrives, and nobody wants to find this in bread. Consequently, during the baking of bread, rolls and other baked products, the dough must be able to ferment without the propagation of unwanted mildew or other microbes.
Baking trays, and all other baking equipment, must at all times be hygienically faultless. Disinfection and the elimination of fungal growth on surfaces and equipment is therefore a priority.
Newly baked bread also has a longer shelf-life without the addition of conservation materials when it is briefly disinfected once again before packing.
Infrared radiation transfers large amounts of energy in a short time. Disinfection with infrared is a thermal disinfection, using controlled heat.
Carbon infrared kills spores reliably and practically. And there is no problem with thicker spore layers, porous surfaces or dust particles.
Disinfection of baking trays
Disinfecting bread before it passes through the bread cutter
Disinfecting bread before packing

Photo: Rego Herllitzius GmbH Photo: Rego Herllitzius GmbH

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