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For Best Performance of Deuterium Lamps
Deuterium lamps are part of high value analytical instruments with high speci- fications in terms of reliability, accuracy and reproducibility. These specifications apply equally well to the deuterium lamps and their power supplies, as the stability of the UV radiation is an important factor for the reliability of the measurement data.
Modern deuterium lamps meet strict requirements with regard to noise,
long term stability and operating life. Power supplies should in no way limit or affect the quality of the lamp parameters. Consequently, Heraeus offers its own power supplies, which have been specially developed through the long experience with deuterium lamps. Such devices are used in large numbers during the testing of new lamps. Their optimum operation
in the field is guaranteed because of this regular practical usage.
Heraeus power supplies distinguish themselves by the stability of their electrical parameters and by their ignition properties, which protect the lamps, improve operating life and ensure reliable starting. Instrument manufacturers can save the cost of developing their own power supplies and make use of the experience of the lamp manufacturer,
who is dedicated to ensuring the optimum performance of the deuterium lamps.
PSD 186
Bench Top Power Supply
The PSD 186 R&D Deuterium Lamp Power Supply is the replacement for the high performance power supply
PSD 181. A completely new design to incorporate state-of-the-art electronics, the PSD 186 is compatible with virtually all 30W Deuterium Lamps currently on the market.
A large number of heater voltages and corresponding operating voltages are stored as data pairs in memory. They can be successively selected and shown on an LCD display on the front panel. The anode current is selectable by push button, either for 300 mA fixed or adjustable between 100–400 mA. Once the user has selected the appropriate heater parameters and lamp current, lamp ignition is started by pressing the “Start” button and operation is then fully automatic.
Lamp current, anode voltage, heater rating and elapsed operating time can be displayed on two 4-digit displays on the front panel.
An Ethernet interface and a unique MAC address enable the PSD 186 to be remotely controlled by a PC. Operating parameters such as anode current/voltage and heater voltage/current are stored in the PSD 186 memory and can be downloaded to the controlling computer.
• Fully flexible R&D operation –
matches virtually all 30 W Deuterium Lamps
• User-selectable heater voltages of 2, 2.5, 3, 6, 9, 10, and 12 V
• Very low noise and drift characteristics
• Ethernet interface and MAC address
for remote control via PC
• LCD displays for user-selectable operating parameters
• Input voltage 85–264 VAC

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