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PSD 185
OEM Power Supply
The PSD 185 Deuterium Lamp Power Supply is a high performance, low cost, compact and highly reliable switching power supply. It is designed to operate on a 24 VDC input voltage. The supply has very low noise and drift characteristics and uses a novel ignition circuit (US patent No.5.530.319; EP No. 94 118 802.1) to ensure a soft and reliable arc ignition, even when the lamp is hot. All Heraeus 30 W Deuterium Lamps with 2 V, 2.5 V, 10 V and 12 V stabilized direct current heaters can be operated in the optimum manner, to achieve maximum output stability and lifetime. The PSD 185 is also suitable for most lamps made by other manufacturers. The power supply is fully automatic, from lamp ignition to steady-state operation. The small size facilitates OEM integration of the power supply and lamp in a compact system, for flexibility and reduced cost.
Automatic Lamp Operating Sequence
Automatic lamp ignition is started by connecting the external 24 VDC input voltage to the PSD 185 power supply. The lamp heater is then pre-heated (warm-up cycle) for a period of 10 seconds. After this, the strike voltage is applied and when the lamp strikes, the heater voltage is automatically adjusted to a preset level between 0 to 6 V depending on the lamp type used. Should the lamp not strike immediately, then further attempts are made automatically. The supply is preset to run the lamp at an anode current of 300 mA. An optional disable control is available by applying an external 5 VDC to the “disable” input.
• Low cost, compact OEM design
• Soft and reliable ignition including hot-lamp restrike
• Provides optimum output and lifetime for
Heraeus direct current heater Deuterium Lamps
• Fully automatic from lamp start-up
to steady-state operation
• Heating voltage 2, 2.5, 10 and 12 V
• Anode current 300 mA
• Input voltage 24 VDC
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