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Due to our many years of experience and our expertise, we know and understand your processes – that means we are always able to offer you the best possible solution. We are constantly seeking to exceed our own boundaries and set new standards.
Your success is our success.
Our employees don’t just think creatively, they also think
with you. They are not afraid to offer uncommon solutions that may not have occurred to you – solutions that are created through thinking together as partners. Solutions that release hidden potential, open up new opportunities and help you to achieve success. After all, your success is our success!
Closer to the customer.
Our applications centers and measurement laboratories.
With the help of our experienced staff, you can test UV applications in our Applications Competence Centers (ACC) or measurement laboratories worldwide. We can give you practical insights into:
How UV or infrared radiation can support and optimize your process
How your material behaves
Which lamps are most suitable for your process
The best way to integrate the lamps into your production process
Get in touch! We will be delighted to arrange an appointment in one of our ACCs or at your facility.

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