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UV light isn’t just used in many areas of industry and research – it’s also a constant companion in our daily lives.
UV water treatment
More people worldwide currently suffer from unclean water than from AIDS, measles and malaria combined. The energy rich UV light from Heraeus lamps renders the pathogens in water inactive in a matter of seconds, making the water safe to drink. The safety of the drinking water supplied to New York City for example is already protected by several thousand UV lamps from Heraeus in an environmentally friendly process that involves no chemicals.
UV lamps can also be used as a quick, safe and cost-effective way to disinfect process water or ballast water on board ships.
UV air treatment
Unhygienic fat deposits are produced anywhere food is roasted, grilled or cooked on a large scale. UV lamps from Heraeus prevent such deposits from building up by breaking down fats and odors in the extracted air. The same technology is also used to disinfect the air in hospitals, e.g. against ‘hospital germs’ such as ‘MRSA’.
UV surface treatment
Viruses don’t stand a chance. UV disinfection ensures surfaces of packaging and packing strips are germ-free and that milk, yogurts and fruit juices last longer. Ultraviolet light destroys the DNA of microorganisms. Viruses are rendered inactive within seconds, and bacteria, yeasts and fungi are killed using an environmentally friendly method without any added chemicals.
UV curing
Versatile UV curing solutions are used in a wide range of industries such as medical equipment, floor coverings, composites and electronic components.
Whether furniture, magazines or automotive parts, environment where materials are dampened, coated or bonded, upstream UV curing simplifies and improves the production process, thus saving time and money.
UV radiation is used to cure inks, adhesives and varnishes to produce a high quality surface. Furthermore, Vacuum UV (VUV) radiation has the capability to clean, activate and modify surfaces. Heraeus offers UV solutions for an energy efficient and environmentally friendly production.

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